Day Student Program

Program Eligibility and Capacity

The existing Notre Dame Day Program applies to students who live with their parents within 40 kilometers of campus. The new Notre Dame Day Program extends eligibility to include any student who resides with their parents within the City of Regina. The new program is not available to hockey players because of the evening and weekend time requirements of that program.

Co-Curricular Program Expectation

The expectation for Notre Dame Day Program students is that they participate in co-curricular activities, or equivalent (i.e. club teams) for all three seasons. At least two of these should be athletic commitments. For their third and subsequent commitments, students can choose from a broad menu of athletics, arts and leadership programs, including choral (Notre Dame Canadians), drama, multi-media, Hounds for Humanity etc.

Grade 12 Boarding Program

Notre Dame strongly recommends that students participate in our Boarding program, either as a 5 Day or 7 Day boarder, in their grade 12 year. This allows for a transition experience as students prepare for University life, while providing senior students with leadership opportunities and the chance to take full advantage of the programs at Notre Dame. As a Boarding School, students maximize their experience when they live at Notre Dame. The Boarding curriculum teaches self-reliance, independence, time management, the ability to share space with others and other skills that will be needed at the University level.

Program Registration Details

If at any time day students choose to switch into the boarding program, the request will be considered based on the availability of space in the dormitories.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for the Day Program is $8,300

In addition, the following charges will apply:

  • Compulsory incidentals – $220
  • Partially refundable textbook deposit – $100
  • Transportation fee – $1,500
  • Meal program – $150 per month

As per our Financial Assistance policy, day students are not eligible for Financial Assistance. They are eligible for certain Academic Awards only.


All day students who participate in our day bus transportation program must purchase a meal plan that provides daily lunch and dinner on weekdays. This includes all-you-can-eat hot meal buffet, soup and salad and sandwich bar, dessert and all-you-can-drink refreshment station. The cost of dinner and lunch combined is $150 per month ($1500 per academic year or less than $5 a meal).


  • Transportation will be coordinated by the school, and provided at a discounted rate.
  • Private van transportation will be provided by qualified drivers through Capital Cab of Regina. These vans will be equipped with studded tires during the winter months.
  • Transportation will travel to and from Regina on weekdays, from a designated location (Southland Mall). 7:30am departure will ensure that students are on campus in time to visit with their teachers during scheduled office hours. A 6:30pm departure from campus ensures that students can participate in after school sports practices.
  • Should pick up from the school or from an off campus location be required outside of scheduled transportation times, parents are responsible for picking up their child. Parents should assume that occasional pick-ups will be required; parents will be given as much notice as possible of these requirements.

Parent Responsibilities: Extra-curricular events and emergency accommodations

  • If a student wishes to participate in an evening or weekend event outside of transportation hours, parents will be responsible for transportation. Transportation will not be available on weekends.
  • Students will not be able to stay over in the dormitories for any reason except for weather related emergencies.

If you have further questions regarding our Day Student Program, please contact Britt Leeking, Director of Admissions, at (306) 732-1221 or