Wall of Fame

Dr. Olive Dickason

6 Year Hound (1939-1945)


  • A key figure in the study of Aboriginal History in Canada’s academic world
  • Finished her high school and earned B.A.s in French & Philosophy at Notre Dame, before beginning a 24-year career in journalism at the Regina Leader-Post, Winnipeg Free Press, Montreal Gazette, & Globe & Mail.
  • She earned her Masters and PhD degrees from the University of Ottawa and her doctoral thesis
  • She taught at the University of Alberta from 1976 to 1992.
  • Awarded the Order of Canada in 1996, the Aboriginal Achievement Award in 1997, and numerous honorary doctorates throughout the years.
  • She Donated her whole library to Athol Murray College of Notre Dame.

Dr. Olive Dickason

Winnipeg, MB, Canada